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Black River New York

Sitting magnificently on the border of Le Ray and Rutland, Black River is a charming village in Jefferson County, east of Watertown, New York. Earlier, the town was called Lockport spreading onto both sides of the beautiful black river and home to the Poors Island.

Places to visit in Black River, New York

• Black River

What best place to visit in Black river than the black river itself. The river begins at the Adirondack mountains near forest port and Brownsville and wounds into the Lake Ontario. It also has a source at the little black creek and north lake.

The black river is an excellent location for fishing and white-water kayaking as the river flows through Watertown, especially at the Black River Canyon. While you paddle along towards the edge of the Tug hill region, you can enjoy some birdwatching or take in the cool breeze. If you want to have the most fun along the river, catch a ride with one of the rafting companies for a paddling adventure of a lifetime.

• Black River Drive-in Theater

The black River Drive-in Theater is located within the city just a short distance outside of Watertown and close to Fort Drum. The theater gives a great experience to visitors in Black river looking for awesome movies and full-time entertainment. Movies are projected in stunning Barco digital, and you experience your best films in the brightest videos and sounds.

You can also stay outside under the stars if you are visiting at night and listen through your car stereo. You may even see a couple of shooting stars.
Even more, the Black River Drive-In Theater features a pizza drawing every night where the winner gets a large size delicious pizza. Admission for children under six here is free, and adults need only about $3 to get in.

• Poors island recreation Area

The Village of Black River is home to the Poors Island Recreation. The recreation area can be accessed through the bridge over the black river and offers a canoe and kayaking portage as well as a scenic picnic area. You can also walk along the poor island trail and enjoy some shoreline fishing.
Poors island is also a historical spot with historic mill sites. While you are there, you will find some impressive ruins of the village's historic mill sites.

Things to do in Black River New York

Here are some fascinating things to do while you are in the Black river;

• Take a stroll down the black river trail

Located in the eastern edge of Watertown, the Black River trail is lined with beautiful greens, river views, and calmness that leaves you in awe of nature. The trail is well marked, and so you have no fear of getting lost. At the end of the path, you can find a picnic area to relax and watch the stunning wide edge rocks of the river. The Black River trail is paved and also percent for biking.

If you decide to stay close to the edge of the black river, be sure to keep an eye on kids and pets as the currents can sometimes be fast and powerful.

• Attend the black river festival

The black river fall festival is usually organized in Watertown public square on top of the black river itself, and very close to the back river town. The festival features downriver race, live music, fantastic food, and surfing. You can enjoy a relaxing weekend that starts at the Glenn Park Falls and ends in Brownville Bridge.

Food in Black River

The Black River, New York, is home to several mouth-watering meals that will leave you craving for more. There is a wide variety of drinks in wineries and you can choose between chocolate, ice cream and cheese or have it all. Whatever your taste, there will always be something for you at the black river.

The Busted grapes Wineries is one of the coolest places to sample a range of delicious wines. Although relatively new, there is a wide variety, and the wine is excellent. For food, visit the Cozy kitchen within the Black River or the red lobster and Maggie’s within close range of the village. Stop at Lickety Split ice cream close to the black river trail for the best ice cream, frozen custard, and amazing other desserts.

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