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Carthage New York

Carthage New York

Carthage is a quiet little village located in Eastern Jefferson County, Upstate New York. Although quite small in size, the town is historical and takes its name after the Carthage city of Tunisia. The atmosphere is pleasant with friendly people and an intriguing community spirit.

Places to visit in Carthage, New York

Located close to the infamous black river and nestled between the Thousands Islands, there are many exciting places to visit while in Carthage. Despite its size, the city boasts of a handful of stunning spots to visit.
The main village park called the Rivers Edge Skateboard Park is one of the most beautiful places to have fun in Carthage. The park features several walking trails, a baseball field, and a beautiful wooden playground for kids.

The Carlowden Country club is another fantastic place to have fun and make beautiful memories, especially if you love playing golf. Offering perfect greens and an astonishing view, you will enjoy a trip to the Carlowden.  After your game, you should visit the restaurant and delight your taste buds with one of their amazing dishes. The interior of the restaurant is just as beautiful as the meals are tasty, and you can get a great view of the golf course while you dine.

Things to do in Carthage.

There are several interesting activities to engage in and around Carthage. From kayaking to fishing on the Black River, you would always find something to do while you are in town.

Overlooking the magnificent black river is the Long Falls Park and the Guyots Island Historical park. The long fall park is beautified with exotic wildflowers and perfect for hiking or trail running.

You should also try snowballing on the Tug hill. The Adirondacks Tug hill offers a scenic sight of meandering rivers and gets a great deal of snowfall every year. During winter, you can enjoy the local winter festival with its famed snowmobile competitions and the intriguing soup cook-off.

If you would like more varied activities, take a trip to Watertown and the Adirondacks. Watertown is a beautiful city famous for shopping, especially at the Salmon Run Mall.

Food in Carthage

For delicious cuisines in Carthage, New York, some of the best places to visit include the Church Street Diner, the Jose O'Connor, and the Bombay Duck Pickle cafe.

Finally, if you visit Carthage during the Summer, don't miss a chance to.

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